Awadhi Utensils.

Utensils Used To Prepare Awadhi Khana.


Or the patili is generally of brass with a lid. It is used when a great deal of ‘bhunna’ or saute is required. or even for boiling and simmering. It is also used for preparingYakhni or Salan, Korma or Kaliya.


This is a pear-shaped pot with a lid of either brass, copper or aluminium. The shape of this utensil is ideally suited for the ‘d:Jm’ method and is used for cooking Pulao, Biryani, Nehari or Shab Deg.


Kadhai is a deep, concave utensil made of brass, iron or aluminium and is used far deep frying puri’s and the like.


Lagan is a round and shallow copper utensil with a slightly concave bottom. Used for cooking whole or big cuts of meat or poultry especially when heat is applied from both the top and bottom.

Lohe ka tandoor

It is an iron tandoor. as distinct from the clay tandoor more common in Delhi. It is a kind of dome-shaped iron oven used for making most breads such as the Sheermal. Taftan, Bakarkhani etc. it like barrel shaped clay tandoor which covered with iron sheet

Mahi tawa

Mahi tawa is the Awadh version of the griddle shaped like a big round, flat bottomed tray with raised edges. used for cooking kebabs. Also used for dishes where heat is applied from both ends. when covered.


Seeni is a big thali (round tray) usually used as a lid for the lagan or mahi tawa when heat is to be applied from the top. Live charcoal is placed on it and the heat is transmitted through it to the food. Thus the indirect heat has the desired effect of browning and cooking the ingredients. All the copper and brass utensils are almost always used after ‘kalai’ or tin plating the insides.

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