Lucknow, the golden city of the east’ retains an old world charm that fascinates one and all.Lucknow emanates a culture that combines emotional warmth, a high degree of sophistication, courtesy and a love for gracious living.This sublime cultural richness is famous as ‘Lucknowi Tehzeeb‘.

‘Lucknow’, this name is synonymous with architectural beauties of ‘Lakhauri’ bricks, the fragrance of ‘Itra’, musical notes, the sound of dancers’ trinklets, the sweetness of ‘dussheri’ mangoes, ‘malai’ and ‘gulab revadis‘, and of course its ‘Mehman Nawazi’.Its also known as ‘City of Adabs’. This awadh region has been a ‘multicultural city

Lucknow well known for its courtly manners, beautifull gardens,poetry,music and fine cuisines patronized by the persian loving shia nawabs of the city are well known amongst indians and the students of south asian culture and history.

The cuisine of lucknow as its own individuality and identity.The traditional food of lucknow is highly patronized by the moguls givin it a very royal touch. the royal chefs and cooks were trained to give that royal touch to the food and regal look to anything they cooked. every detail was accounted for it and was made sure that the food was fit for the kings. cooking a meal for the king required that extra flair and touch of diffrence and presentation required that extra eye for detail. the style of cooking is known as ‘DUM STYLE’ this basically means that the food was cooked on low flame.This is the skill of rigorous practice and some are practised from generations to come.

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