Minced meat (keema) – 1 kg (Without fat)
Raw papaya – 100 gm
Salt to taste
Masala A: –
Yellow chili – 5 no
White pepper – 5 gm
Cloves – 8 nos
Mace – 2 blades
Nutmeg – 1/8 th tsp.
Masala B: –
Black cardamom – 4 nos.
Green cardamom – 6 nos
Coriander seeds – 10 gm
Masala C (paste form): –
Copra – 50 gm
Poppy seed (Khuskhus) – 10 gm
Shahi Jeera – 5 gm
Khoya – 200 gms.
Onion (to be fried brown – 100 gm and crushed)
Grind into fine paste :-
Garlic – 1 pod.
Ginger – 10 gm
Roasted gram flour – 200 gm
Pure Ghee – 100 gm/ml


Mince the meat till very smooth (mince without washing as it helps in binding). Add papayapaste, salt and powdered masalas (A+B). Place the mixture in a deep pan keep a live coal in a katori or cup in the center. Put 2 tablespoons of ghee on coal and cover quickly for ‘dhungaar'(smiking). Keep covered for half an hour. Mix crushed onions, paste C and gingergarlic paste. Add to smoked mince. Keep for half an hour. Add roasted gram flour and blend well. Heat skewers slightly and grease. Take a portion of mince mixture and spread on skewers with slightly wet hand into oblong roll around the skewers. Roast on kabab griller on live coal for few minutes till they turn to a golden pink brown. Take out carefully from the rods with the help of cloth. Arrange on serving dish and serve garnished with onion rings, slit green chilies and fresh coriander chutney.
NOTE: Kakori kababs are grilled on a specially designed barbecue, however, can also be done on a standard barbecue but on a slow charcoal fire

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