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‘You going to love it’

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The culinary spread from the land of nawabs is sensual treat indeed. To most people Mughlai food is synonymous with Lucknow.But there’s more to the rich aromatic gravies, mouthwatering shammi kababs, creamy kormas,roomalis and fragrant biryanis of Avadh,. The Kathol (jackfruit) ki Biryani, and Chhole ki Biryani made in traditional spices, minus meat or chicken, […]

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Wajid Ali Shah succeeded  to the throne of “Oudh” when its glory days  were at its peak and passing. The British had annexed much of the kingdom under the treaty of 1801, and had impoverished Oudh by imposing a hugely  expensive, British-run army and repeated demands for loans. The independence of Oudh in name was […]

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Awadhi cuisine has drawn a considerable amount of influence from Mughal cooking style and bears resemblance to those of Hyderabad and Kashmir. The cuisine consists of both vegetarian and meat dishes which employs the ’DUM STYLE’ of cooking or cooking over slow fire which has become synonymous with Lucknow. Mughlai food is known for its […]

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Awadhi Utensils.

Utensils Used To Prepare Awadhi Khana. Bhagona Or the patili is generally of brass with a lid. It is used when a great deal of ‘bhunna’ or saute is required. or even for boiling and simmering. It is also used for preparingYakhni or Salan, Korma or Kaliya. Deg/Degchi This is a pear-shaped pot with a […]

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KEBABS: Lucknow is proud of its Kebabs. Kakori Kebabs, Gwalant kebabs, shami kebabs,boti kebabs,Gutwa Kebabs and Seekh Kebabs are among the known varieties. the kebabs of awadhi cuisine will be distinct from kebabs of Punjab insofar Awadhi kebabs are grilled on chulha and sometimes in a skillet  as opposed to grilled in a tan door […]

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Restaurant Etiquette’s

“Manners are especially the need of plain, the pretty can get away with anything”. Evelyn Waugh.

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