Awadhi restaurant in Ahmedabad

If you are searching for the Authentic Awadhi Restaurant in Ahmedabad, your search ends at the new prime locality of Prahladnagar. Here you will find the new landmark of the city – “Awadhpuri”. True to it’s name Awadhpuri is Awadhi specialty restaurant carrying forward the legacy of Awadhi cuisine. The moment you enter the restaurant […]

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Awadhi Cuisine is not Mughlai food

Awadhi cuisine has drawn a considerable amount of influence from Mughal cooking style  and bears resemblance to those of Hyderabad and Kashmir. The cuisine consists of both vegetarian and meat dishes which employs the dum style of cooking or cooking over slow fire which has become synonymous with Lucknow. Mughlai food is known for its […]

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Tunde ke Kebab

The 100-year old Tunde ke Kebab in Chowk is the most famous outlet for choicest Kebabs even today.[2]  Tunda Kebab is so named because it was a specialty of a one-armed chef. This restaurant’s signature dish is its masala which is a zealously guarded family secret and prepared by women in the family. It is […]

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Awadhi dastarkhwan

You may not have heared about Dastarkhwan. Actually it is a Persian  term. It means a meticulously laid-out ceremonial dining spread. It is customary in Awadh to sit around and share the Dastarkhwan. Laden with the finest and the most varied repertoire of the khansamas (chefs), the Dastarkhwan of the raeis (the rich) were called […]

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